SERVICES - Destillation/Recycling


recyclingBy its success in distilling all kinds of organic, non-halogenated solvents and reintroducing the material into the production process, BERND BRAUN Chemicals proves that commercial objectives and environmental interests do not have to diverge. This kind of recycling means that our customers not only save by the consequential reduction in their requirements for new material, they also receive an important contribution towards implementing their company environmental strategy.

Furthermore, this recycling of utilised solvents means that the consumption of solvents (in accordance with the European VOC*- guidelines) on their balance sheets can be reduced. One alternative to the reduction in solvent consumption can be expensive investment in (often complex) technology. Another alternative is the use of so-called VOC-free or “green” solvents. BERND BRAUN Chemicals will be happy to give you the benefit of our extensive consultancy experience in the use and recycling of VOC-free solvents.

We’ve got the right VOC-free solvents for you!

*VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds

Here is a small selection from our product palette:

Product group Products
Ketones Acetons, MEK, MIBK
Alcohols Methanol, Ethanol, IPA
Esters Ethylacetate, Butylacetate, Methoxypropylacetate
Glycols Ethyldiglycol, Butyldiglycol
Special products N-Methylpyrrolidone

A specialty of BERND BRAUN Chemicals is the recycling of used

cold cleaners,
cleaner's naphtha,
metal machine cleaners,
anticorrosive coating fluid,
coating cleaner,
benzine (light, heavy, testing, special),
paraffins and tar remover.

With our technology we can process all common fractions and boiling ranges for example from

80 - 110 C°
110 - 140 C°
140 - 190 C°.

Other products on request!

A special service of BERND BRAUN Chemicals is the production of ultra-pure distillates to customer specifications.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements!