COMPANY - History



  • The company was formed in 1968 by Bernd Braun.
  • The company developed into a specialist in the field of recycling and the development of solvents.
  • Our technology spectrum is expanded by other mechanical separation methods such as filtration and centrifugation.
  • BERND BRAUN has developed into a specialist producer of highly pure and highly complex special chemicals.
  • Highly-integrated computer-controlled manufacturing facilities, clean room technology and analytics instrumentation for high-end applications characterise our resources architecture.
  • Since 2001 we have been a certified specialised waste management company (Efb) in accordance with § 52 KrW-/AbfG (Waste Avoidance, Recovery and Disposal Act).
  • Since 2001 we have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.
  • Since 2006 we have been certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2005.
  • ULTRAGRADE® has established itself as the quality benchmark for highly pure special chemicals, in respect of both its degree of purity and its perfect integration service.
  • Since 2009 BERND BRAUN Chemicals GmbH.